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all that i want is a photograph of photo jenny

how will i get one? i don't know

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This is a very silly community for people who take pictures of themselves when bored. Thus, people who are vain- but only in boredom.

Feel free to join and post your pictures that you take of yourself when you're really bored. Any kind of picture. Just don't be mean to other posters, and everyone will be happy!

Notes to members, onlookers, or those wishing to join:

1. We have to approve you first. This is for no reason other than the fact that we don't want random people with ill intentions joining and becoming a problem for anyone in our community. This has nothing to do with physical appearance.

2. Post everything friends-only. That way only members can see. We will enforce this for the peace of mind of our members and for your own also. This way, only approved members can see your posts. Everyone wins!

3. LJ-cut all pictures. We want to look at your pictures, we will look at your pictures, but we don't want them to mangle our friends lists when we're trying to read everyone's actual journals.

Look forward to it, everyone!